Random Cam Story:

You are in the kitchen wearing a see thru, loose fitting blouse and a white, push-up 1/4 cup bra so your breasts are pushed forwards to the max, your nipples poking right out underneath the blouse. Your skirt comes down to just above your knees but isn't figure hugging. It sits on your hips. You have white stockings and suspenders hidden up there. White panties, sheer, smooth and curvy. There is a gap between your blouse and the skirt so your smooth tummy is in view. Your panty sides are just visible above your skirt waistband. Your beautiful hair is in an "erect" ponytail.

You are all alone and burning up with lust for your new boyfriend to arrive and give you a proper seeing to. But he has been delayed by 24hrs. We (the camera) get to secretly see you as you stimulate yourself.

You are talking on the wall-mounted phone to your boyfriend asking him why he is delayed. The camera is really close to your shoulder to catch your every breath and heaving chest. It pans down to see your free hand teasing and brushing a nipple through the blouse. You want your breasts to protrude as much as possible by keeping your lungs full. The camera slowly moves lower to view your chest from below.

Then we go lower still as you lean with your back against the wall and the phone jammed on your shoulder to free up the other hand. You tweak both nipples now, still outside the blouse.

You can't help thrusting your hips slowly and move both hands to either side of your panties that are just visible above the waistband of your skirt. You hook your thumbs into your panties, then slowly and rhythmically tugg them up.

The camera goes lower still until we get to look up your skirt. Gorgeous white stockings as we get to see more and more, higher and higher. The skirt is of thin material so plenty of light gets in to allow a good view. Then, sooner than expected, your sheer white panty gusset comes into view.

Oh my god!. Your panties are covering the end of a huge white dildo, your tugging of the sides has ensured the dildo is very deep inside. You can't help pushing out 2 inches and then tugg your panties to thrust it back inside. The panty gusset is wide enough to hold it securely, juice dripping onto the floor as you pleasure yourself.

Your boyfriend has to ring off. You beg him not to, but to no avail. You move over to a chair. You slouch onto the chair so your butt is hanging off the edge and place your toes against the kitchen table. The camera goes under the table and goes in really close.

One of your hands slides under the elasticized skirt waistband and grabs the end of the panty covered dildo, thrusting it in and out. You push hard with your vaginal muscles and let out a stream of pee that hits the panties and runs down, soaking everything. You haven't stopped pumping that huge dildo in and out though.

Next, you slip the gusset off from the dildo end and push the loose gusset material right up inside using the soaking dildo. All the way in, as far as it will go. You pump it again and squirt a little more, pee dripping onto the floor from your butt cheeks.

You then pop the dildo back under your panties and tugg them up tight to secure the dildo, then you sit normally on the chair. As you lower yourself down, you hold the skirt away with both hands to allow the camera, which has gone round to behind you, to get up close and see the protruding panty gusset touch down first as we peek between the wooden backrest spindles of the chair. You then add weight to fuck the dildo in deeper and deeper. You arch your back, thrusting your butt backwards towards the camera, trying to push the dildo out with your vaginal muscles again. Then you lift yourself off the chair and really push your butt back towards the camera, this makes the dildo slide almost completely out, but held from falling by the panties, a big squirt of pee shoots out, hitting the panties, then the wooden chair spindles. The camera gets some as it splashes in all directions. All the while you are still holding the skirt away with each hand, laying your heaving chest onto the table top. The camera then moves in to watch as you slowly sit back onto the piss soaked dildo and panties.

You stand up and lean your stomach against the sink, spread your legs and thrust your butt out. One hand slides down under the skirt waistband and "collects" some wetness from the base of the dildo, as it sits in a puddle inside those panties, and transfers it to your rock-hard nipples. Your blouse also becoming wet with piss.

Then you slide both hands down under the skirt waistband and pump the dildo. The camera is down low behind you getting a fantastic view up your skirt as you piss another big stream of hot pee and catch it in the panties, then it falls into your cupped hand and finally onto the floor. You stroke your soaking hands over your inner thigh's, wetting those white stocking tops and slipping your fingers under the suspender straps.

Whilst hanging onto the edge of the sink you bend your knees and lower yourself much nearer to the camera lens. You return to tugging your panties to stuff that filthy dildo hard up inside again. Your back is really arched making your butt thrust out behind you. You hook the panties over your hip bones and move both hands onto your heaving breast, massaging them through the blouse, tugging and gently twisting your nipples.......

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